Friday, June 5, 2015

Camp Letter - Week 7

I am blogging this because it is my best and this has more interesting stuff  and i showed this to my dad and he really liked it and he is really  proud  of my work.
We were learning to do a letter properly and put  capability at the start.   

Dear Aaron,

Thank you for helping us at camp and doing all of the activities and the jobs that had to be done - the firewood that was so so so fun with you and you said that the Candy Buddies were the best at stacking the firewood.

When we did the Burma trail  you didn't scare all of the people that were doing it and you let the others make everyone scream - that was so so so funny.  

My favorite part of Camp Kaitawa was when we did the amazing race and caving.  Caving because you had to squeeze through really skinny  holes and at the end your shoe got really muddy and they had to be hosed with the firehouse. They were really wet and that is it for the caving.
Now the amazing race was so fun because when we went on the
kayaks and paddled to get your next clue and Cain, Jay Bea and Mike fell off the boat.
Again thank You for coming to camp.

From Paige      

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