Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Jeff Thomson Story

           I am leaning to.... Do  more paragraphs and detail in my work.
I blogging this because... This is  one of  my best stories and I have enjoyed learning about Jeff Thomson.
    Jeff Thomson was born in Auckland in 1957 .Jeff Thomson was known for his  carrot ion  and his  gumboot. Jeff Thomson has made a heaps  of  sculptures  arts. Jeff Thomson's achievements are traveling around Australia and the south island.  Jeff Thomson he is our artist  for NZ and other countries.

Jeff Thomson creates amazing sculptures for corrugated Iron turning  in everyday  and turning  it into a sculptures that everyone's love to see he made it for everyone to look and take photo of his art and makes some for other cities to enjoy it. Jeff thomson  making important discoveries en route. simply by working with a new material . He has made heps aof sculptures and they are so awesome like the car and the big gumboot  and being amazing artist and makes more things so everyone can see what he has created.

Jeff  Thomson was grow up in the growing  up on the north  shore. Jeff’s education was through art at elam school of arts and he became a printmaker and a paint maker.

Jeff Thomson's achievements would be talking to a person about his artwork and his mates about his wonderful art work.

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