Monday, September 7, 2015

My Art

I am blogging this because.... I worked really hard and it is one of the best art I have ever blogged. 
                                                             Art work

This is my art that took for ages to work out what I had to do but I got there and it turned out alright. It was hard with the netball on the uniform. It took me like three different times to do it and what colour it was and the labels.     

Jamie Curry Questions

Reading Response 2

For your report or biography, there are probably some pieces of information missing.

Write down 5 questions to research, find the information and write it in the table next to it.

How old is Jamie Curry?
Is Jamie Curry the most famous teenager in New Zealand?
Did Jamie Curry get encouraged  at soccer one afternoon to make a facebook account?
Who is Jamie Curry?
Jamie Curry is a actor
What school does Jamie Curry go to?
Sacred Heart college
When did Jamie Curry become famous?
When she started a youtube account