Monday, October 26, 2015

we should use bikes more than cars


My goal:Writing simple and compound sentences correctly

Title: we should use bike more than cars.

We should use bike more than cars because you get more excerise on bikes. When
you use cars you get pollution and it won’t be good for the environment. sit back and enjoy my speech.

Argument 1
We should use bikes more than cars because  the smoke of the cars it bad for the  environment. The environment is so special to us because it helps us breath . The smoke from the cars  
is bad for the  environment because it spreads around New Zealand  and other countries.
The pollution is when unwanted chemicals, gasses, and particles enter the air and then
cause harm to the animals. I have proven to you that cars are bad for the environment.

Argument 2
Another reason why we should use bikes more than use cars is because using bikes can give your legs  muscles. When you get more exercise Your legs are important they need exercise and the muscles to and make your muscles more and more stronger. cars do not give you any exercise and energy like walking  and biking and you get fresh air. This is why we should use bikes more than cars.

Argument 3
My last reason why using  cars is so bad is because kids try and cross the road and cars come in out of nowhere and it can hit kids. Also there can be car crashes and slippery roads that can cross it and how many people speed in their cars and hit people. In 2010 375 people died on the road. Do you know that many people have died on the road over 1000 people.

Now you  should believe me we should use bikes more than cars. Now do you believe me we should use bikes more often than cars? Only a fool would still think we should use cars more often than bikes.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Our bottle took 5 and a quarter scoops of the measuring cup. It took us a lot of time and counting. It made   one cup and 1 quarter.