Wednesday, September 21, 2016


This is my koru art of my family .  It took me awhile  to accomplish . This  Is the finished  product.  The blue koru   is  my Dad, the black koru is my Mum, the green Koru is my sister, the yellow Koru is Reno, the pink Koru is Ethan,  The purple Koru  is me Paige. I am proud of my koru art , because it  represents my family.

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Paora winitana


I really tried my hardest  and it was really hard and challenge to find my  information.  

What was something you found tricky and why did you find it tricky?
I  found tricky was trying to research  and finding the information

What are you most proud of?
I am most proud of  is trying my best.

What is 1 thing you need to improve upon?
Is trying to get it finish.

Monday, September 19, 2016


Be Resourceful: Think - What resources can I use to help my learning? How can I use them best?

Select a NZ Paralympic or Olympic Athlete (using
Or ) 5 Questions 5 Interesting Facts
Co-constructed Criteria for Facts/Questions
  • Have more information = how? what? where? why? when?
  • Makes sense
    • Sentence fluency (structure)
    • Accurate spelling
    • Open & closed Questions

ScaleWidthWyI1NTUiXQ-games-71-teresa-adam006.jpgTeresa Adam

Interesting Facts
Why did she chose to be in the

How old is she?
When did she start?

When did she start playing sports?

Teresa Adam was a member of the New Zealand team competing at the 2009 Australian Youth Olympic Festival in the sport of Triathlon.
Being a very keen sports enthusiast,Teresa has been involved in both triathlon and waterpolo at very competitive levels. Birthplace: Henderson Born: 1990 Height: 164cm

Building Learning Power - Reflecting on (boccha) - P.E

Building Learning Power - Reflecting on    (boccha) - P.E

What went well? Why? How?

It went well because  people were listening and how  they listening where.

How did it feel as a Learner when playing (boccia )?
It felt awesome because you get to play with other people to.

One thing I could improve on is …..
Is more instructions and detail too.

Questions and Answers

WALT ask open ended Questions and write full Answers

This is my mascot writing.
  1. What is a mascot?  
A mascot is a person an animal or an object and its used for good luck. A mascot can represent a school a team and others things like those. A mascot is a symbol that a team looks to for support, encouragement and can be a person, a stuffed toy, an animal or an object. The word mascot comes from France. The first mascot was Misha made in France in 1980.

2. What is the history Olympic mascots?
The first Olympic mascot was born at the Grenoble Olympic Games in 1968. It was named “Schuss” and it was a little man on skis, designed in an abstract form and painted in the colors of France: blue, red and white. However, the first official Olympic mascot appeared in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.The most popular mascot is Wenlock and Mandeville from the 2012 London Olympics.
3. Why are there mascots in the Olympic games?
It is so  it can boost the sales and thing they are advertising and also to support their country.

After researching about Olympic mascot  I got started  with my kiwi Olympic mascot . It was a fun experience and fun to learn . These are my instructions for making a Paper Mache Kiwi mascot.
5. What you need for a mascot
  1. 2 Balloon
  2. Papper
  3. Glue
  4. Pant
  5. Fethers
  6. Hands   

6.How to make a paper mache mascot?
First  you have to blow up a balloon and you need glue  and news pappa  1. You have to put the paper in the glue
2. You have to make sure you have to have not much glue on it  and then you put it on the mascot. have to live it to dry over night and then you do a another coat on and another one in till you get 4 to 5 layers on. can start painting and then you can start putting on the nose an eyes  and then you are finish.

My Reflection is  I did really good but some part of it was tricky a little bit and it was kinda interesting because you find out what are the Questions and maybe some of the facts you may not know but it is exciting because you find out stuff that you may not know. In my learning I got a bit stuck but I used my noticing  muscle to help with my work

Friday, July 1, 2016

Report Reflection for Mid Year

Report Reflection for Mid Year

How have the learning muscles helped you with your learning in Maths and/or Literacy and in one other learning area for example Matariki, P.E, Art or Camp?

  • No bling
  • Options = Maths & Literacy plus one other listed
  • Maths or Literacy plus one other listed (e.g. maths and your choice; literacy and your choice)

The learning  muscle of managing distraction has help me in the learning area of  maths. It has helped me by  moving away  from people that distracted me  it helps’ me to get my work done. I have used my brain muscles for maths because  it helps you learn more and make sure that you are using it properly. With Literacy I have been using  my managing distractions  and it helps me by getting my work done better and it gets finished  in time. In Art, I have been using my noticing muscle, helping me think about which colours I should be using. It has been helping me with getting it done and making it blend better and it does not mix together with the wrong colours.

Asking Questions/Noticing

Asking Questions/Noticing
What clues & details do I notice in the text
Before reading  
  1. Why do we have to keep cat inside.
  2. Why do cats eat other animals   and all of those things?
  3. Why can't cats just eat their food that they are given
  4. Are cat eating other animals because they are apart of the big cat family so do they hunt their food.  
  5. Why do cats have to go outside f
            or because they will hunt?

During reading

  1. I learnt that cat can eat way more what we can.
  2. I learnt that cats can eat more than we expected
  3. I learnt that the some of the rasine that we are losing are native animals that they are killing them and eating them.   

After reading

  1. I did not know that they put video taps   on cats so they can see what they are doing at night time.

Cleaning water

Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Rich maths task

                 Reflecting on my learning 

Which learning muscle did I use to help me with my maths learning? 
The learning muscle I was using was  managing Distractions and  noticing because it was really  hard to manage distractions    because I kept  on talking  to people and not getting my work done.

what was the new maths learning for me?
 How to work out the volume  because I did not  know  what it   meant and then Mrs Lowe told me and all of the class what it was.    

Which  bits of maths learning do I still need practice  with?

Volume I still need to work on to understand  what it means 

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lost story

Lost in the warehouse
One day Me and my family  when to the warehouse I when to go look at the moves and then all of a boom  I can not believe my eyes find my family.  I was scared, panicking,yelling and then I was feeling hot, frustrated,sad,sick. Hedak. Nevis feeling like I am going to faint. Then I was trying to find my parent and I had to look and look for them and I
Had to ask someone  so  I had to ask the counter people and they said wall just stay here and I will go and find your parents so I waited there and then they came back and  said that I could not find your parents so they told me do you know your mum or your dad's phone number and I told them and they ran my dad and they said they were up  at my cousin's house and they had to drive  and drive to come and pick me up and they said they thought that I was a sleep in the car and it was just my sister and they said that we will still go up to the farm  and I said  yay I will never daydream because I can get lost again and I do not want for that to happen again  
That was so skerry and it was not fun and I really really hope that never hope that it happened ever again.


FullSizeRender.jpgthis is my art and it was

tricky because we had to join the hands and feet together so it looks like I am falling down.



Thursday, March 10, 2016

Dear Sarah

Dear Sarah
Thank you Sarah, for being nice to me and helping me when my leg was swollen.
My highlight was  making the car for the move night. That was so awesome and I wish that it wasn't so hard to fit in the car so I had to cut  two holes in the  the front so I could put my feet in the holes so my legs didn’t hurt.
Displaying IMG_0027.JPG
Here is a poem for you

Sharing her personality
Awesome at being herself  
Respecting other people
Amazing  at being  Italian
Helpful at everything  

Tuesday, February 23, 2016


                          5 THINGS  ABOUT ME 

1. The first thing that you will know about me is I like to watch dance moms. They are so talented. 

2.  My favourite thing I like in winter is netball because that is one of my favorite sport.

3. I have 1 sister and 2 brothers , one of my brothers has finished school, my other and sister still go to school. 

4. Also I have two dogs and their names are Sasha and Storm. Storm is the boy and the crazy one and Sasha is the girl and is not crazy.  

5. My dad works at Silver Fern Farms and so does my mum.