Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Lost story

Lost in the warehouse
One day Me and my family  when to the warehouse I when to go look at the moves and then all of a boom  I can not believe my eyes find my family.  I was scared, panicking,yelling and then I was feeling hot, frustrated,sad,sick. Hedak. Nevis feeling like I am going to faint. Then I was trying to find my parent and I had to look and look for them and I
Had to ask someone  so  I had to ask the counter people and they said wall just stay here and I will go and find your parents so I waited there and then they came back and  said that I could not find your parents so they told me do you know your mum or your dad's phone number and I told them and they ran my dad and they said they were up  at my cousin's house and they had to drive  and drive to come and pick me up and they said they thought that I was a sleep in the car and it was just my sister and they said that we will still go up to the farm  and I said  yay I will never daydream because I can get lost again and I do not want for that to happen again  
That was so skerry and it was not fun and I really really hope that never hope that it happened ever again.


FullSizeRender.jpgthis is my art and it was

tricky because we had to join the hands and feet together so it looks like I am falling down.