Friday, July 1, 2016

Report Reflection for Mid Year

Report Reflection for Mid Year

How have the learning muscles helped you with your learning in Maths and/or Literacy and in one other learning area for example Matariki, P.E, Art or Camp?

  • No bling
  • Options = Maths & Literacy plus one other listed
  • Maths or Literacy plus one other listed (e.g. maths and your choice; literacy and your choice)

The learning  muscle of managing distraction has help me in the learning area of  maths. It has helped me by  moving away  from people that distracted me  it helps’ me to get my work done. I have used my brain muscles for maths because  it helps you learn more and make sure that you are using it properly. With Literacy I have been using  my managing distractions  and it helps me by getting my work done better and it gets finished  in time. In Art, I have been using my noticing muscle, helping me think about which colours I should be using. It has been helping me with getting it done and making it blend better and it does not mix together with the wrong colours.

Asking Questions/Noticing

Asking Questions/Noticing
What clues & details do I notice in the text
Before reading  
  1. Why do we have to keep cat inside.
  2. Why do cats eat other animals   and all of those things?
  3. Why can't cats just eat their food that they are given
  4. Are cat eating other animals because they are apart of the big cat family so do they hunt their food.  
  5. Why do cats have to go outside f
            or because they will hunt?

During reading

  1. I learnt that cat can eat way more what we can.
  2. I learnt that cats can eat more than we expected
  3. I learnt that the some of the rasine that we are losing are native animals that they are killing them and eating them.   

After reading

  1. I did not know that they put video taps   on cats so they can see what they are doing at night time.

Cleaning water