Monday, September 19, 2016


Be Resourceful: Think - What resources can I use to help my learning? How can I use them best?

Select a NZ Paralympic or Olympic Athlete (using
Or ) 5 Questions 5 Interesting Facts
Co-constructed Criteria for Facts/Questions
  • Have more information = how? what? where? why? when?
  • Makes sense
    • Sentence fluency (structure)
    • Accurate spelling
    • Open & closed Questions

ScaleWidthWyI1NTUiXQ-games-71-teresa-adam006.jpgTeresa Adam

Interesting Facts
Why did she chose to be in the

How old is she?
When did she start?

When did she start playing sports?

Teresa Adam was a member of the New Zealand team competing at the 2009 Australian Youth Olympic Festival in the sport of Triathlon.
Being a very keen sports enthusiast,Teresa has been involved in both triathlon and waterpolo at very competitive levels. Birthplace: Henderson Born: 1990 Height: 164cm

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