Monday, September 19, 2016

Questions and Answers

WALT ask open ended Questions and write full Answers

This is my mascot writing.
  1. What is a mascot?  
A mascot is a person an animal or an object and its used for good luck. A mascot can represent a school a team and others things like those. A mascot is a symbol that a team looks to for support, encouragement and can be a person, a stuffed toy, an animal or an object. The word mascot comes from France. The first mascot was Misha made in France in 1980.

2. What is the history Olympic mascots?
The first Olympic mascot was born at the Grenoble Olympic Games in 1968. It was named “Schuss” and it was a little man on skis, designed in an abstract form and painted in the colors of France: blue, red and white. However, the first official Olympic mascot appeared in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich.The most popular mascot is Wenlock and Mandeville from the 2012 London Olympics.
3. Why are there mascots in the Olympic games?
It is so  it can boost the sales and thing they are advertising and also to support their country.

After researching about Olympic mascot  I got started  with my kiwi Olympic mascot . It was a fun experience and fun to learn . These are my instructions for making a Paper Mache Kiwi mascot.
5. What you need for a mascot
  1. 2 Balloon
  2. Papper
  3. Glue
  4. Pant
  5. Fethers
  6. Hands   

6.How to make a paper mache mascot?
First  you have to blow up a balloon and you need glue  and news pappa  1. You have to put the paper in the glue
2. You have to make sure you have to have not much glue on it  and then you put it on the mascot. have to live it to dry over night and then you do a another coat on and another one in till you get 4 to 5 layers on. can start painting and then you can start putting on the nose an eyes  and then you are finish.

My Reflection is  I did really good but some part of it was tricky a little bit and it was kinda interesting because you find out what are the Questions and maybe some of the facts you may not know but it is exciting because you find out stuff that you may not know. In my learning I got a bit stuck but I used my noticing  muscle to help with my work

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